COLD WARPS – Sleepist

A dreamy, lovesick loner becomes enveloped in psychedelic fuzz and unstoppable drums in COLD WARPS’ latest release, Sleepist. Admitting the intention to dream of someone, given their consent of course, has never sounded so hazy and thrilling.

As part of the second iteration of a compilation concocted by Raymond Biesinger and Drew Demers of Montreal band, The Famines, called Pentagon Black, Sleepist is a highlight among the 24 song track list. The song, according to Paul Hammond, lead vocalist of COLD WARPS, was recorded in three separate provinces in Canada.

“We’ve actually never played it all together in the same room yet, mostly because we’re bitter enemies,” joked Paul in an intro for the song before it premiered on City Slang radio. Paul released a music video on his Youtube channel for the song. “I take a nap in a freezing cold lake because Dom said I had to. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done,” admits Paul. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what takes place in the video, pillow and all.

At the end of the video, Paul’s head is submerged under the water completely as the whaling guitars, performed by Dominique Taylor, finally disperse. Besides the opening of the track, which features a swaying, dreamy guitar lead and Paul’s intoxicated and droopy desire to lust over a significant other, the track is a nonstop barrage of fast-paced guitars, bass, and breakneck drums. The constant wave of riff, backed by a driving bass, performed by Ryan Allen, and punk inspired drums, performed by Lance Purcell, is relentless throughout the bulk of the lo-fi, garage rock experience.

The simple, chant-able chorus is infectious. A dreary, longing feeling, emphasized in the music video especially, manifests in lyrics like “blending into the blue and grey”, a stanza shouted over and over for one of the verses. The track could have used more variation as to not turn stale, but its sheer energy picks up the slack. I particularly enjoy how the drums introduce the faster portion of the song with a pounding back and forth of snare and bass drum in classic garage-punk style. The occasional “woo” mixed in and the strained harmonies wrap the track up into a tight, power-pop package.

COLD WARPS hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Check out for more of their releases. I recommend Stuck On An Island from their Don’t Haunt Me, OK? 7 Inch.


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  1. Alberta Jamael says:

    Wonderfully written article!


  2. Brittany McLean says:

    Very informative and descriptive article; well done!


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