Listen to Chaz Cardigan’s anthemic ‘Middle Of The Road’

One’s relationship with identity is a contentious, life-long and ever-evolving one and closely tied in with that is where we grew up. Wether you grew up in a city, a rural town, a commuter village, we all go through those phases of trying to either seperate from or consolidate with ourselves as an independent being and our hometown. Giving us one example where leaving that place is a positive thing, Chaz Cardigan shares new single ‘Middle Of The Road’.

This beat-driven pop-rock single presents an alternative reality where Chaz stayed in the small Kentucky town of Elizabethtown. As he shares, “I realized I would’ve been miserable, stuck in a cycle of debt and probably addicted to something, pretending to be someone I’m not for the rest of my life.”

In contrast to that boring existence, Chaz is a vibrant and energetic performer who brings his electric vocals to this radio-ready singalong.

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