Florida collective seeyousoon leave their mark with debut album VIDÉ

Ever since its inception, hip-hop has undergone a constant state of evolution, although one consistency is that hip-hop is the voice of rebellion. We’ll skip the history lesson here and bring you up to the present day in which artists belonging to the genre rap on everything from politics to racial injustice to queer identity to mental health.

In the same vein as collectives like Odd Future and Brockhampton, the Florida nine-piece known as seeyousoon is presenting their own anti-establishment style in debut album VIDÉ.

“This is a celebration of the things that make us different. It’s like we’re painting a picture. In color theory, there are three primary colors. In songwriting, it’s similar, because you have happiness, sadness, and anger. Those colors are very easy to paint with. However, we’re trying to paint with as many different colors as possible to tap into more nuanced feelings, which are harder to describe with words. It’s interpretive and meant to transport you somewhere else.” – seeyousoon

A highly productive outfit, seeyousoon (Ignacio, Kenny, Denny, Maddie, Josh, Dre, Drex, Luke, and Mitch) have dropped fourteen solid tunes in VIDÉ and there’s plenty of memorable moments in the track. We especially love the ferocious energy of ‘3001’, which dives directly into the racially-motivated violence that plays out in America every day. Over a boss beat, seeyousoon rappers lay out the cold hard truth while predicting that even in the far future, things won’t change if we continue to stand by and uphold the status quo. As they declare, “I’m taking them to church.”

Another hard-hitting moment is ‘SHUT UP’. Not only is the production a pure masterpiece, but every verse delivers on both flow and lyrical creativeness. It’s a razor sharp dissection of capitalism and competitive culture. Plus it gives you the best opportunity to shout “shut the fuck up” into the ether.

We also can’t leave you without discussing ‘BEN AFFLECK’. It’s a great display of the collective’s willingness to experiment as the beat, courtesy of Kenny, was the product of a creation challenge where the members made beats without speakers. The result was this tasty and chilling beat. This is also where we get to hear the smokey vocals of seeyousoon’s singer Maddie, who adds an essential element to album as a whole.

From here, we urge you to listen to the album in full and make it your end-of-summer soundtrack.

Follow seeyousoon on Instagram.

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