NYC Grime MC’s Dutchguts, Gi Major & Lord of Cypher’s bring it on Aions’ new track ‘Sun’s 4’

We all know Grime as a home-grown UK genre, similar to it’s cousins UKG and Funky House that started off in the inner-city, underground and on pirate radio but slowly made their way up and out of London’s streets, crossing oceans and borders and eventually making their way into the charts.

With the help of pioneers such as Skepta and BBK, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Lethal Bizzle, Grime found its way into the mainstream arena and for the first time ever, we began to see Grime fans and Emcee’s from outside of the UK’s borders. Even US rap juggernauts like Drake and Kanye West suddenly took an interest in the sounds emerging from the little island across the pond and NYC natives Aions, Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord of Cyphers were no different.

The four have been on their own individual music journeys since 2015; Dutchguts and Lord of Cypher’s touring and performing as grime artists, Aion’s as a producer and Gi Major also as an Emcee who, as a duo, form the collective EARTHTONE.

Now, the quartet have released their latest grime inspired track ‘Sun’s 4‘, produced by Aions, and released on SEDIMENTARY SOUND, Gi Major and Aions’ record label.

Sun’s 4′ is an amalgamation of iconic gritty, grime beats and production, married with a noticeably different yet similarly gritty NYC vibes (and accents) whilst still remaining true to grime’s usual braggadocious, rags to riches subject matter.

“Sun’s 4 is a bit of a double entendre. The track represents the energy that the four of us cultivate through our shared love of grime, while also symbolizing the inevitable sunshine after dark days.”


The three MC’s flow through the track with relative ease, all adding their own unique flavour to the mix; verse after verse, bar after bar. The track starts off with Dutchguts on the mic, smoothly followed by female frontrunner Gi Major and then Lord of Cypher’s who spits his verse just before Aion’s intricately produced hip-hop/ grime fused outro. These Emcee’s will be definitely be ones to watch in the coming years.



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