High-vibrational bedroom pop is j. pastel’s ‘Senegal’

It might be a stonking cliché, but we undoubtedly have that Friday feeling when listening to j. pastel‘s brand new single ‘Senegal’.

It’s our first time listening to Chicago duo, who quietly shared their single ‘Hold’ around a year ago. Since then, Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce have been busy cooking up their high-vibrational bedroom pop and it appears that even a global pandemic hasn’t hindered their creativity or pursuit of good vibes. Flush with funky bass, lofi guitars, sparkling 80s synths and dreamy vocals, this song is all about being in love and wanting to be with that person, whatever obstacles may lie in the way.

With a promise of a forthcoming debut EP, ‘Senegal’ really does kick off things off in style. We can’t wait to hear what else j. pastel has in store for us.

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