Chaz Cardigan chases first love in nostalgic single ‘Room’

Chaz Cardigan‘s single ‘Room’ is an upbeat piece of pop nostalgia that further shows the radio-ready potential of this young artist. Previously, we directed your attention to ‘Middle Of The Road’, and this new track can definitely be considered part of that ever-evolving story.

The difference with ‘Room’ is the overt romanticism portrayed through Cardigan‘s story-telling, which takes us back to the significant moments and places of first love.

As the 25-year-old Nashville-based songwriter shares with us: “When we started writing ‘Room,’ it just snapped me back into being 16.  I realized that feeling of being in love for the first time is something I’ve been chasing for so long.”

The release of ‘Room’ also comes with the announcement of Chaz Cardigan‘s eight-track EP, Holograma, to be released on Octcober 22nd.

Photo Credit: Joelle Grace

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