Introducing Toronto’s R&B girl group BLK with ‘Got It’ video

Anyone who grew up listening to TLC and Destiny’s Child will remember those golden days of R&B breaking out into the mainstream for the first time. The music, the fashion, the choreography; it all transformed the music world and we still see traces of that within pop and R&B music today.

Knowing that R&B nostalgia isn’t enough to sustain listeners, three Toronto musicians got together to form what they see as Canada’s first girl group – BLK.

Juno-nominated Lincoln “L.A.B” Blachè witnessed these three distinct styles and personalities of BLK‘s members, Bexk, Korahjay and Lilac X, and wanted to explore a new project for his MADE INSAUGA label. A July 2019 studio meeting at NWYE in Toronto’s Westend proved to be pivotal.

“We vibed as we got to know each other. The idea of creating a girl-group was amazing because Toronto has never really seen one. We cut a track—it was fire—and we decided to keep going. It just clicked; it was very easy. It became clear that this is bigger than us. We want to be successful role models for women of any color, as well as any ethnicity” explains Bexk.

Kicking things off, BLK have shared their bold new video for ‘Got It’ from their forthcoming BLK Girl Magic EP.

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