Mokita features on Kina’s latest single, ‘I’m Not Going Back’

Returning to the scene with his second single of the year, Mokita joins platinum selling producer Kina on his latest laid-back, lo-fi single, ‘I’m Not Going Back’.

Having discovered Mokita on Spotify after falling in love with his unique vocal performance on his hit single, ‘Colorblind‘, the Lisbon-based talent reached out to Mokita and soon enough, the two had musicians began putting down plans for a collaborative single.

Speaking on his encounter with Mokita, Kina shares:

“I discovered Mokita thanks to Spotify shuffle – I remember when ‘Colorblind’ started playing; I was shocked and kept this song on loop for a long time, so I needed to make a song with him…and now here’s ‘I’m Not Going Back.’ We worked remotely because of the COVID situation (and because I’m in Lisbon and he’s from the US), but the song was born in an incredibly difficult but inspirational period that I was living in. I’m so happy with the final result simply because it completely represents my mood during that period of time.”

Working remotely with Mokita in the US and Kina in Portugal, the pair collaborated on the track with Mokita being in charge of the songwriting and vocals and Kina commanding the beat, as he does best. A magnificent meeting of the minds, ‘I’m Not Going Back’ touches on personal themes of addiction and alcoholism whilst still being widely accessible and easily relatable to fans.

Sincere, resonant and sweet-on-the-ear, Kina and Mokita’s collaboration is a worthwhile offering that offers both a deep and reflective thinking track or an easy-going chill-out tune, depending on how you interpret it.

Kina ft Mokita – I’m Not Going Back

“‘I’m Not Going Back’ was one of those songs that I wrote really quickly, it happened in like 15 minutes. I wrote it about battling addictions and just how much easier it is to feed your addictions than it is to work at a relationship. I’ve been sober for almost 2 years now, and I remember the morning that I finally woke up and knew I was done… I kept repeating the title in my head, ‘I’m not going back.’ I think that can apply to so many things that are unhealthy for us. We kinda have to preach to ourselves against our demons and addictions, and remind ourselves why we stepped away. I have been a fan of Kina’s for a while so when he reached out about this song it was a no brainer. Super excited for everyone to hear it and grateful he wanted to work together on this one.


Listen to Kina x Mokita – ‘I’m Not Going Back’


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