Soul inducing songstress noelle returns with autumnal anthem, the aptly named, ‘Seasons Change’


Following the release of critically acclaimed singles, ‘Therapy’ and ‘Forever Yours’, Toronto’s rising alternative, jazz-fused pop artist, noelle unveils her third single, ‘Seasons Change’

Once again, noelle impresses, delivering emotion-driven songwriting and angelic vocals over a distinctly noelle-style jazz piano and almost-acoustic instrumentation. The simplicity of the composition and the honest, vulnerability of its lyrics is where the true beauty of ‘Seasons Change’ lies. 

Produced by Anthony Wright and written by noelle, ‘Seasons Change’ was created in order to try and capture the double-edged beauty of unconditional love; the sweetness of love itself and the bitterness of having to wait for the one you love to love you back. 

Released alongside a delicately beautiful music video, the ‘Seasons Change’ visual is set in an old theatre with noelle seen performing on a stage in front of a large, red velvet curtain, like a scene out of a classic Hollywood movie. Embracing all the glitz and glamour of the stage and screen, noelle looks right at home performing her self-written ballads, dipped in glitter and gold. Assuming the quality of output remains the same, it’ll be no time at all until noelle is reading her name in lights.

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