Listen to Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ dream-pop ramble through memory in ‘Corners Pressed’

Ever since we heard the spindly and jubilant guitar melody of Letting Up Despite Great Faults‘ new single ‘Corners Pressed’, we haven’t been able to get it out of our minds. This indie-pop refrain is the glue that holds this track together, representing the euphoric nostalgia at the heart of this sonic ramble through memories.

We follow this thread to jolting percussion and somnambulist bass before finally arriving at band founder Mikes Lee’s gentle vocal. Lee exercises restraint over his dreamy vocal, expressing the simultaneous weight and fragility of emotion encased within layers of recollections, wether they be factual or warped into lo-fi versions of those real events.

As the band explain:

“Corners Pressed” is how you remember your past. The same events have a way to play differently in the way different people remember them. And sometimes, our memories have a way to carry themselves heavier than they really should be. Reality becomes skewed into how we remember it, and our memories become our guide, whether they were real or not.”

This track has been lifted off the band’s upcoming self-titled album, which we for one can’t wait to hear.

You can also listen to ‘Corners Pressed’ in our Indie Rockers and Shades Of Pop playlist.

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