Jozem releases musical memoir it came to me in a dream

“‘it came to me in a dream’ is a soundscape of the last decade of my life, a window into my soul. It touches on my dreams, my fears, my goals and aspirations. It covers me reconnecting with the country that birthed me as I continue my yearning for something that feels like home.”

It is with great vulnerability that Toronto-based star Jozem delivers his majestic album ‘it came to me in a dream’. Working as a musical memoir, the project uncovers him bare and explores his being in every detail. Tackling themes of belonging, self-actualisation, and creation, this work develops intricate motifs, complex progressions and profound meanings to tell the story of his life so far.  

“I produced this album in its entirety. Working on it over the past few years was a true lesson in exercising patience and letting go of the things that I have no control over.”

The production (by Jozem himself) stands out as the most impressive attribute. The sound arrangements are layered and intrinsic, meticulously adapted to recreate a dream-like sensation. The music is engulfing from beginning to end, evoking an intangible warmth that is exceptionally calming. In this serene state it is impossible not to savour Jozem’s beautifully elegant and thoughtful sounds.


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