On The Record: WESLEE

What can you tell our readers about WESLEE that they might not know already? I guess it would help to know what you know already but in the meantime if you show up with donuts we will be friends for life. Gassed has received lots of love, how did it feel having such a great…

On The Record: Georgia Meek

Hey, how long have you been making music? I’ve been making music for almost a decade, but only went solo at the start of this year. After the BBC picked up my first single, it’s all been crazy! I was spending some time at home with mum, because I was struggling with my mental health….

On The Record: Estee

Hey Estee, tell our readers something about yourself that they might not know otherwise.  I grew up on Folly Beach, South Carolina, which is kind of this hippie beach town in the middle of the South. Lots of transplants from other areas and lots of partying. I think the natural inclination is to think of…

On The Record: Drinker

This is your second single now, how do you feel the response has been so far? Aaron: Great, actually. This music is something completely new for both of us and I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s been great to see Spotify get behind it with placements on New Indie Mix, and New Music…

On The Record: Joy Crookes

“Koz had heard some of my stuff and asked me bluntly whether I liked Nina Simone to which I replied – “Nina? Are you serious? She’s a goddess to me”, or something along those lines. He wanted to take ‘Feeling Good’ and switch it to ‘feeling bad’ or ‘BAD FEELING’. I thought about what that meant to me and made it a song about your instinct in a time of temptation.” – Joy Crookes