On The Record: Joy Crookes

“Koz had heard some of my stuff and asked me bluntly whether I liked Nina Simone to which I replied – “Nina? Are you serious? She’s a goddess to me”, or something along those lines. He wanted to take ‘Feeling Good’ and switch it to ‘feeling bad’ or ‘BAD FEELING’. I thought about what that meant to me and made it a song about your instinct in a time of temptation.” – Joy Crookes

Launchpad: Lissa Lo

Miami native Lissa Lo is a musical polymath. The self-taught producer now resides in New York where she is making a name for herself as a talented writer and performer. With influences that range from Lorde and Marian Hill through to the Weeknd, Lissa is beginning to showcase a sound that is all her own….

On The Record: FARR

“Blades came outta nowhere… I’d gotten back late from a session one night, and when I got home I was chilling in the kitchen and messing around with some beats. I quickly put together a couple of sections that I didn’t really think anything of and then sent it to Roméo in LA before I went to sleep.”

On The Record: Alex Sloane

Alex Sloane build on her brand of shiny, electronic pop with her new single ‘Puppy Love’ – it’s a true earworm; with hooks that’ll find their way out of your mouth throughout the day.

On The Record: Lenis

Lenis chats to us about how new single ‘Told Him’ evolved in the studio, the city she lives in and what we can look forward to.

On The Record: Essex

Essex are a Las Vegas based duo, hailing from New York City. They create expansive synth-laden productions with a focus on sizzling melodies. We had a chat with them and delved a little deeper into their new single ‘Notice’.

Launchpad: Harlequiin

Debut track ‘Melt In Olive’ introduces Rory Simmon’s new electronic music project Harlequiin to the world.

On The Record: Joseph Ember

Joseph Ember (f.k.a. Ursa Major) is a young, emerging singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist heralding from Toronto. Ember is bringing a DIY mindset to the burgeoning scene in Toronto and is back with his brand-new single ‘Exit Society’. We had a chat with the 21 year-old talent and gained some valuable insight into his musical endeavours.

On The Record: Born Stranger

Here at Unrecorded, we’re all about emerging artists. Born Stranger are an up and coming duo based out of London, creating expansive electronica a la HONNE. I had a little chat with the boys to discover more about their influences, sound and background. Hey guys, could you give our readers some background on the project?…

Launchpad: Drinker

This is a mature debut from a pair who know what they want to sound like and are executing it with confidence and charisma. Keep your eye on the pair throughout this year; there are more releases scheduled over the next few months.

Launchpad: Yakul

Yakul is the freshest outfit to come out of Brighton’s ever-creative climate. While we might not know much about this newly formed four-piece, what we do know is that their debut ‘Giveaway’ is a sure-fire winner for listeners with a soft spot for modern jazz and future soul. You could align Yakul quite nicely alongside…

Launchpad: Melis

Some of you may recognise Melis Soyaslanová as one-half of electronic pop duo IYES, but over the past five years, this Berlin-via-Brighton artist has been carefully amassing a set of production skills. The end result is ‘Love Song Idea’, a sweet and solemn sketch that was written, recorded and produced by Melis, and so gives us…