Isaac Stuart reveals cathartic new soul-pop number ‘Saved’

Oxfordshire based, rising star Isaac Stuart has returned with stunning new soul-pop number ‘Saved’. A heady, gorgeous blend of soaring, powerful and reverb drenched vocals which intimately detail the emotion fuelled lyricism. Climbing from strength to strength, ‘Saved’ runs on a familiar theme of starting soft and subtly then building and growing to a healing,…

On The Record: Mighloe

We ask Canadian R&B artist Mighloe nine key questions for this very special On The Record.

On The Record: Ina Shai

For those who have never heard of Ina Shai, who is she and what is her music about? Ina is London based r’n’b’/soul singer and songwriter who thrives when performing live. Sometimes shy off stage but always fierce and confident when on stage. Her music is classy, sultry and evoking the deepest of emotions all…

On the Record: Gaby K

Soulful singer-songwriter Gaby K speaks to us about her creative muses and love for songwriting.

On The Record: Peak Futures

For those who have never heard of Peak Futures before, who are they and what is their music about? Peak Futures is a collective of artists and musicians that I’ve brought together to create, cross pollinate and expand our ideas with and through each other. Our first album, Colours of the Sun, is a concept album…