POESY is back with the stunning new music video to her pop-rock belter, ‘Diamonds’

Sarah Botelho, better known by her stage name POESY, has returned with the stunning new music video to accompany her pop-rock belter of a tune, ‘Diamonds’. Based around the themes of inner turmoil and escaping those horrid, dark recesses of your own mind, the ‘Diamonds’ music video combines powerful, metaphorical imagery with contrasting colours and a clever but easy-to-follow narrative.

Keir gets up close and personal with new single ‘Say Love’

Bristol Native, singer-songwriter Keir has unveiled a delicately beautiful and utterly haunting new ballad – ‘Say Love’. This new level of intimacy from the young artist highlights his potent, unique magnetism, alongside those soothing soulful vocals. ‘Say Love’ ushers us in to view another side to the artist, another piece of the puzzle as equally…

Irene Skylakaki takes you on a trip in her latest single, ‘Sutherland Avenue’

Known for her disarmingly personal songwriting, catchy folk melodies and heavenly vocals, Irene Skylakaki returns once more to take us on a trip down ‘Sutherland Avenue’. The track follows on from a string of releases made earlier this year including ‘Dreamy’, ‘Mary Smiles’ and  ‘Souvenir’, which is also the title of her upcoming studio album….