On the Record: Lorelei Marcell

For those who have never heard of Lorelei Marcell who is she and what is your music about? Hi! I’m a 20 year old singer songwriter and artist. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston and after graduating from public school, I made the move to LA. I’ve been at it ever sense. The way I’d describe my music is…

On the Record: Eugenia Post Meridiem

For those who have never heard of Eugenia Post Meridiem, who are they and what is their music about? We are: Eugenia (voice-guitar), Giovanni (guitar – keys), Matteo (drums – keys), Matteo (bass – keys), from Italy. We write down and we play as we try to create something precious but free, something simple but not easy. …

On The Record: Mikano

We chat with rising hip-hop star Mikano about his AKWA II EP, ‘Tell a Lie’ music video, songwriting, local Paris talent and his advice for up-and-coming rappers.

On the Record: Tree Lined Streets

For those who have never heard of Tree Lined Streets, who are they and what is their music about? TLS are two friends originally for Dublin Ireland who now live in Los Angeles. Our music is grounded in our own personal experience of the world around us, and includes tales of this crazy journey we…

On The Record: The Horn

We chat with The Horn members Nick True and Jonny Taylor about their newly released Do It Now EP.

On The Record: Johnny Kulo

Off the back of Johnny Kulo’s 2022 EP, Bloom, we chat to the Berlin-based Indian R&B and soul artist.

On The Record: HOLMES

Following newest single ‘Never Learning’, we get to know British rocker HOLMES a little better.

On The Record: Ponte Pilas

Following the release of their latest kick ass slice of rock’n’roll, single ‘San Ignancio’, we get to know Berlin band Ponte Pilas.