Stone Fruit soulfully serenade in new EP ‘Hold Me Close’

London based duo Stone Fruit have revealed their gorgeous, third EP ‘Hold Me Close’. Overflowing with soul, tinged with Jazz sensibilities and flecked with funk this project combines the perfect level of electronics with organic instrumentation. Beautifully captivated by Valentini Pavlidous vocals and excellently produced by Lef Germenlis this pair are a match made in…

Dominic Wolf reveals captivating new EP ‘Fool’

Oozing with creativity from the very get go, DIY artist, producer and musician Dominic Wolf has unveiled his captivating new EP ‘Fool’. An effortless, eclectic mix of alt-pop flavours, ‘Fool’ pushes the boundaries of genre and sits perfectly undefinable in the musical sonic sphere. Diving deep into the project, Dominic explains, “Recently I’ve been thinking…

On the Record: Sophie Kilburn

Unrecorded sits down with Derbyshire-born, London-based artist Sophie Kilburn, following the release of her debut EP, My Room Made Public.

On The Record: Mighloe

We ask Canadian R&B artist Mighloe nine key questions for this very special On The Record.