On The Record: Johnny Kulo

Off the back of Johnny Kulo’s 2022 EP, Bloom, we chat to the Berlin-based Indian R&B and soul artist.

On The Record: HOLMES

Following newest single ‘Never Learning’, we get to know British rocker HOLMES a little better.

On The Record: Ponte Pilas

Following the release of their latest kick ass slice of rock’n’roll, single ‘San Ignancio’, we get to know Berlin band Ponte Pilas.

On the Record: Tremayne

For those who have never heard of Tremayne, who is he and what is his music about? Anyone who reads this might be familiar with me from my collective STAYOUTLATE, which admittedly is a completely different artist solo Tremayne. Solo Tremayne is unpredictable, highly experimental and extremely thoughtful. Most of my music, whether bright or…

On The Record: Alexander Carson

We get to know Alexander Carson, the UK-based singer-songwriter & composer based who specialises in neoclassical and downtempo music, as we hear in new single ‘I Swam’.

On The Record: Maddie Park

Following on from introductory track ‘no fcks’, the Los Angeles newcomer Maddie Park is back with another R&B and pop flex with ‘transparent’. We thought this would be the perfect time to get to know her a little better!

On the Record: Aaron Lawlor

For those who have never heard of Aaron Lawlor, who is he and what is his music about? My music is basically about things I see day to day and the problems with todays society I see. A lot of my songs reference loneliness, financial issues, love and the happy parts in between. What has…

On the Record: The Crystal Casino Band

For those who have never heard of The Crystal Casino Band who are they and what is their music about? All: The Crystal Casino Band are Washington DC’s most dangerous indie rock band. We are Pete Stevens, Joey Mamlin, Jordan Mullaney and Jarrod Hendricks. As elder members of the Gen z generation we’re hoping to…