POESY is back with the stunning new music video to her pop-rock belter, ‘Diamonds’

Sarah Botelho, better known by her stage name POESY, has returned with the stunning new music video to accompany her pop-rock belter of a tune, ‘Diamonds’. Based around the themes of inner turmoil and escaping those horrid, dark recesses of your own mind, the ‘Diamonds’ music video combines powerful, metaphorical imagery with contrasting colours and a clever but easy-to-follow narrative.

‘Diamonds’ is the unmissable new single from Canada’s breakout star, POESY.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from breakout Canadian vocalist POESY, her last drop was the Glassbox Confessional EP which she released last year and was lauded by both fans and press alike. Now, The Toronto-based singer-songwriter returns with another pop-rock belter in the form of her latest single for ‘Diamonds’.