On The Record: Mikano

We chat with rising hip-hop star Mikano about his AKWA II EP, ‘Tell a Lie’ music video, songwriting, local Paris talent and his advice for up-and-coming rappers.

On The Record: The Horn

We chat with The Horn members Nick True and Jonny Taylor about their newly released Do It Now EP.

On The Record: Johnny Kulo

Off the back of Johnny Kulo’s 2022 EP, Bloom, we chat to the Berlin-based Indian R&B and soul artist.

On The Record: HOLMES

Following newest single ‘Never Learning’, we get to know British rocker HOLMES a little better.

On The Record: Alexander Carson

We get to know Alexander Carson, the UK-based singer-songwriter & composer based who specialises in neoclassical and downtempo music, as we hear in new single ‘I Swam’.

On The Record: Maddie Park

Following on from introductory track ‘no fcks’, the Los Angeles newcomer Maddie Park is back with another R&B and pop flex with ‘transparent’. We thought this would be the perfect time to get to know her a little better!

On the Record: Bosola

For those who have never heard of Bosola, who is he and what is his music about? Well it use to be a he and now it’s a we. Not a pronoun change but we evolved into a fully fledged three person band over the last 12 months after performing pre pandemic as a solo…

On The Record: Salvation Jayne

For those who have never heard of Salvation Jayne, who are they and what is their music about? Hey, so we are a 5 piece alternative rock band from Kent & London with big fuzzy riffs & emotive vocals mostly writing songs about dark narcissistic characters. What has been the most rewarding/ most enjoyable highlight…