Violet Skies – Burn

I’m always counting down the days to a new Violet Skies record, as is the British songstress over on her socials. She hasn’t let me down yet, her last single ‘Island’ was a leap forward for Violet; it showcased her outstanding vocal by pairing it with subdued, mature production.

The new record ‘Burn’ energises the listener by using that same stunning combination, with a swirling synth-laden hook laying the foundation for Violet’s laid-back vocal, dancing in runs above the beat.

I wrote Burn in Berlin last year. It was the beginning of the end of a relationship after waking up that morning to a message I didn’t ever want to see, and realising things were so much more complicated than I’d thought,” says Violet of the new single.

“I then had to head into a session with laryngitis, and in that session I first met Charlie and Felix. So in a way, it was the beginning of the EP too, as they were who I’d been looking for, musically. The song is the exact contents of my head that day, and my laryngitis meant I modified the melody for my voice.”

That modification allows the track to take a turn that you might not be expecting in the chorus, it’s a refreshing hook that transports you right to the point of your last heartbreak. Keep an eye out for more Violet Skies over the next few months.

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