Billy Nelson – Lord, You’ve Got The Nerve

Drenched in hues of magenta, blue, lilac and red, Billy Nelson emerges from the haze while warbling synths and tapping percussion open up his noteworthy single ‘Lord, You’ve The Nerve’.

The Jacob Heustis-directed video switches scenes from hotel room to night club to late-night drive, while Nelson narrates his search for the nerve to get through life’s next obstacle in that distinct almost-monotonic voice. Flairs of dance and indie-rock punctuate ‘Lorde, You’ve Got The Nerve’, but it always comes back to that left-field synth melody and rememberable refrains, such as “they think we are insane, maybe we are insane, if only we were insane.”

“Lord You’ve Got The Nerve” appears on Billy Nelson’s debut album, Water Sports out now on digital, streaming and limited edition hot-pink vinyl formats from Karate Body Records.

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