Launchpad: Drinker

This one came into our inbox via a previous feature on Yoke Lore, Ariel Loh was the man behind the buttons and we now have the privilege of hearing the debut single from his new project ‘Drinker’ – a collaboration between Loh and Aaron Mendelson.

Which Way Is South bursts with brash beat work, the raw drums are counterbalanced by expansive, ambient synths. The vocals sweep through the track, carried on dreamlike melodies – the production is well thought out, each element adds to the atmosphere without overshadowing the writing.

“This is a song about leaving New York. It’s a wistful snapshot of the City through the lens of an unrequited love. She was sure she was going. Eventually I headed off too.”

This is a mature debut from a pair who know what they want to sound like and are executing it with confidence and charisma. Keep your eye on the pair throughout this year; there are more releases scheduled over the next few months.

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