On The Record: Lenis

Hey, could you give us some background on the project?

It was written about getting out of a toxic relationship and loving yourself. That sounds super heavy but if you listen it sounds quite light.

How did the new single evolve in the studio?

The first version of the song only came out to about a minute and 30 seconds. It was sweet and simple but we decided to extend it to a full length song. The second version of the song we added a house beat. Then the third version included a hip-hop kind of ending produced by DTB. It all came together bit by bit without any certainty to what was happening next. But I love how it turned out!

Do you feel like the city you live in impacts your music?

To a certain extent, yes. When I go to different cities there are obviously different vibes with people, so it makes sense that style changes. But generally I think my voice stays the same across the board. I wouldn’t mind experimenting different sounds though.

What do Lenis fans have to look forward to?

These beautiful people have much much muchhhh more to look forward to! I’m doing my thing and sooner or later an EP drop at the least! I’m so excited and just getting started.

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