The Pick Brothers Band – Blue

The Pick Brothers Band brings some punch to the party with a new music video for the lead single from their latest EP, Blue Days. Blue is bubbling to the surface with pure energy and foaming at the mouth for an adventure.

“Give me somethin’ fresh; somethin’ I didn’t know that I wanted.”

You didn’t know you wanted this sparkling, hard-hitting jam rock tune with beautiful harmonies and ample character until now. The Toronto three piece released a six song EP in October 2016 to great reception. Blue is among those six tracks, and now there’s a gorgeously shot music video to go along with it.

The track begins with an unassuming, carefree strum of Jeremiah Pick’s breezy guitar. Jeremiah’s woozy voice opens with some wise advice that “sometimes you’ve got to make it rain to get that lightning in a bottle.” The track then practically bursts wide open. Punchy, crisp drums, played by Gabriel Pick, wash and pop. His drumming is textured, utilizing many voices with minimal equipment to great effect. Chorus-infused guitars simultaneously sway and drive. Bassist Casey Pick grooves when he needs to, and provides a solid cushion for his siblings. The bass comes through perfectly in the mix as well. Everything about this track sounds excellent. Nothing is muddy, everything is crystal clear and impactful.

A key, defining feature of the siblings is their creativity. Their songs are arranged in fun, interesting ways. Lead vocalist Jeremiah ornaments his voice in a quirky, drunken manner to add even more sway and character to the track. All of the brothers, when they’re not singing in beautiful three-part harmonies, howl and yelp throughout.

A highlight of the song happens after the second chorus has ended. As if it couldn’t have gotten any bigger, a psychedelic wave surfs over the whole beat. It’s coupled with long “oh”s and a bit of extra distortion to kick the track into true rock’n’roll territory. Bassist Casey lets loose and has a bit more fun with this portion of the song as well; a nice touch after repeated listens to the track, which I highly recommend you do by the way.

The Pick Brothers are poised to become a much bigger name in Canadian rock. They’ve previously opened for Sam Roberts, Arkells, and Matthew Good to name a few. Plus, with such quality content as their latest EP, Blue Days, and this stunning new music video, you should be looking forward to what The Pick Brothers Band has to offer in the future.

You can check out more on The Pick Brothers Band on their website

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