On The Record: Alex Sloane


Puppy Love follows on from the Dynasty EP, which was very well received, how do you feel the new single extends that sound?

The Dynasty EP had an electronic feel, but each track had vastly different influences. I think “Puppy Love” has a more specific pop sound.

How did it come about / evolve in the studio?

20 minutes before I was supposed to go into the studio, I came up with the hook. It was the quickest thing I’d ever written. The second I played it for Sad Money, he immediately started feeling out some beats. A lot of songs can feel like work, but this song felt like magic.

Do you see Puppy Love as a move towards a new direction for you, in terms of the music you’re hoping to create over the next few months.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve put anything out, but in that time I’ve gotten to know myself better as an artist. I think the new work coming out will show it.

Could you give us a little background on the video shoot?

The shoot was loads of fun! I’m very controlling, so I directed and cut the whole video myself. I asked everyone I knew for favours: “Can I borrow your dog? You’ll have great shots for his Instagram” “Want to star in my video? We’re going to put you on a leash–” We shot the skateboarding stuff out of the back off my mom’s Jeep. It was super grassroots. I rewarded everyone with tacos.

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ZrreJAtOTnw

What are you looking forward to in the second half of 2017?

I’m working on an EP, so much more music and definitely more videos!

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