Lxandra – Hush Hush Baby

Lxandra is one of the most exciting, young talents emerging from the bustling alt-pop crowd. With a laser-sharp songwriting focus, Lxandra is really setting the bar high for herself. Her debut single ‘Flicker’ was a big hit amongst buzzy blog types like myself and her follow up ‘Hush Hush Baby’ continues that upward trajectory.

After returning to her childhood home, a small Finnish island, for her mother’s birthday Lxandra decided to write a song as a birthday present. With no studio access and only limited time Lxandra recorded a one-take demo of “Hush Hush Baby”. Only couple months later she is releasing the produced version of the song which still contains the intimate and emotional one take vocal recording. “Hush Hush Baby is a love song to my mother”, Lxandra says, “and it felt like the right track to follow up on “Flicker” as it means a lot to me personally.” 

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