Launchpad: Gallo


Gallo’s debut single ‘Sugar Daddy’ is a vibrant pop bop with effervescent vocals.

“With “Sugar Daddy” I wanted to write a sing along.  Lyrically it’s super playful and very tongue in cheek. Its narrative has been dressed up in sinfully sweet lyrics and addictive melodies that I hope will have you singing it on repeat. We’ve all seen someone with a sugar daddy or know someone who has one so I wrote “Sugar Daddy” as a satirical and colorful commentary on that. Not all my songs are autobiographical. With this one I was just seeing it around me a lot. I also saw a growing popularity of the word “Daddy” in millennial culture and the desire to have a sugar daddy even if just jokingly. Even though it’s not a desire I share I thought it would be interesting and just fun really to inhabit the mind of someone who does and write a song from their perspective.” – Gallo


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