River – Worry (Feat. Osmo)

River is a singer/songwriter who is emerging as one of the freshest talents coming out of London’s buzzing scene at the moment. Her debut single was released on Kitsune and stormed to over a million streams on Spotify. Her new single ‘Worry’, a collaborative effort with Swedish producer Osmo, is another sure hit.

“This song was born from day to day stress and worry that snowballed into something mad that I created in my own head. I started to question my whole identity, path, life decisions. money worries, my future in music, where i was heading, not having enough time to see my family, feeling the pressure on myself to succeed within a time frame because I’m a woman and age is a massive factor. Pure worry that was tipped over the edge around the time of my granddad passing away. I needed to write this song for my own sanity and closure. It helped me process everything and realise that worrying doesn’t change a thing”. – River


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