Tony Black – Get Back


“On “Get Back” I wanted to blend ​a ​summer time pop sound with a rap twist while still having a message and making it radio friendly. ​I think ​we’ve all been in a​ similar situation where what we have​ or what we are doing​ isn’t necessarily ​fulfilling that need we sometimes have a yearning for. So this song, to me, is ​emphasizing​ that we all need to go out there and get what we want​ no matter what​.”

“In addition, it’s ​also a song about forgiveness ​because if you do really care for a person​, I believe a​ second chance ​is well worth it. ​Obviously everyone has their own spin on the lyrics and I encourage that, as long as you can find a little bit of yourself in my music then I feel like my job is done.”


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