Launchpad: Jack Bruno

Jack Bruno is back with his own brand of alternative hip-hop. With a slick rhythmic flow and a sumptuous blend of electronic beat making and analog instrumental textures, Bruno is emerging as a unique voice within the genre.

His new single ‘My Way’ incorporates Bruno’s raw hip-hop roots, embracing the brashness of rap’s past.

Bruno is releasing his songs independently, under the banner Lime Boyz, the name of his creative community alongside In.Drip, indie rock band Beachwood Coyotes and DJ Lil Texas.

“None of our music is the same in any way, but we came together and started throwing parties that always got shut down by the police,” says Bruno. “It was this really cool scene that we were building.” “My Way” reflects on the euphoria that he felt when playing at one of these parties last year. “To come back and to be celebrating and playing these big shows, I had this feeling that I’m back on track. Like, ‘Holy shit, I can’t believe I’m doing something positive now.’”

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