POLARTROPICA, AKA, Cherise, makes crystal-cool, yet dreamy orchestral electro-synth pop that will leave you yearning for more. POLARTROPICA combines her love for classical, pop and indie rock music, and created her unique, blended sound from her tiny cottage in Highland Park, CA.

POLARTROPICA’s debut EP Astrodreams was released on Lolipop Records in 2016, where can be found themes of isolation, injustice, heartbreak, and corruption – all set under the fun futuristic synths and classical string arrangements. With the help of many talented musicians, including: Morgan Paros on violin, Joe Santa Maria on saxophone and Lauren Elizabeth Baba on viola/violin, the vision for Astrodreams was born.

‘I originally wrote the track for fun, as a possible submission for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but later took on a different meaning as a reminder of the power of unity, love, and perseverance. Yoko Okumura directed our super-girl-power music video with an infinity galaxy mirror set inspired by Yoyoi Kusama’s infinity room mirror exhibit at LACMA, Moon Goddesses, my awesome female Jiu-Jitsu fighting neighbor, and the little-known ancient female gladiators.’


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