Launchpad: BRYTLY

Twenty-year-old singer and songwriter, Codi Lester A.K.A. BRYTLY, is a native South Carolinian who is finding her artistic footing in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Armed with her guitar, BRYTLY is beginning to showcase the writing talent that lays the foundation for her single ‘Are You Out There’. Surrounded by low-key production, Lester’s vocal shines and brings her ability to craft a melody to the fore.

“I specifically remember the day I started writing “Are You out There”… I got a text from an old family friend with some heartbreaking news and it made me feel so emotionally vulnerable. For about the next three days I sat in my room and put together “Are You out There.” It’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever written because it accurately represents where I was in that season of my life.” – BRYTLY


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