Video: Beckett – Butterflies feat. Claire Ridgely

Beckett’s new record ‘Butterflies’ is an anthemic pop power-piece, featuring the beguiling vocals of Montreal native Claire Ridgely. Having featured on singles with Robotaki, Embody and Pat Lok, she is on something of a roll – as is Berlin based producer Beckett.

His debut single is almost hymn like, beautifully arranged with dynamic rhythmic interplay and soaring melodies. It’s a perfect partner for the end of summer, flecks of nostalgia and a splattering of sunny synths. It now has a stunning accompanying video – a melancholic romp through the beautiful streets of Montreal shot by Fabian Podeszwa.

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“One of my favorite things about this video is that my friends and my dog got to be a part of it. On set, it made for a genuine and positive dynamic, which really helped everyone to feel comfortable and get in the zone. The scene with the inflatable pool in the kitchen was so much fun to shoot. When else do you get to soak in a kiddie pool filled with fruits and friends!? It was so awesome to be surrounded by people who were invested in the project and willing to put in long days to get the right shot. Here’s to the whole team.” says Claire.

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