Dan Bettridge emerges as an alt-pop force on new single ‘Blame’

Dan Bettridge is an emerging British songwriter who hails from Ogmore-By-Sea in the Vale Of Glamorgan. His genre bending indie-pop has seen him pick up support from BBC Radio 1 and Dermot O Leary over at BBC Radio 2, whilst gaining recognition amongst tastemaker blogs such as The Line Of Best Fit. His new single Blame is a magnificent lesson in pop writing, masterfully conceived melodies that aren’t overshadowed by the restrained production.

“Blame was born out of a desire to do experiment with melody and instrumentation, to try and challenge myself to write on something other than a guitar and see how my voice would fit in a different musical landscape.” – Dan


“I also wanted to write a song with a more pop sensibility but still with very honest lyrics about my view of myself as a partner and on a larger scale, the view of someone being involved with another who is constantly on the road or often absent. It’s kind of a warning.” – Dan Bettridge


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