Quote Club: Elle Watson’s stunning new video for ‘Suspended’ is another big step forward

The characters in the video are a representation of different ideas associated with substance abuse, ranging from the temptation to the ‘glamorous’ side.  It also demonstrates how drug taking can drown & expose the user into feeling paralyzed by paranoia. My character in the video is on the receiving end of their decisions as I sing about being in love with somebody who abuses drugs. The end is a symbolic acknowledgment that I can no longer pretend to ignore these harsh realities”

“The song portrays the desperation of finding strength in the unknownIt’s how sometimes choosing not to know something is the best option for protecting yourself.  However, the truth comes out and reality sinks in, which causes the foundation to collapse. The strength you find in the unknown is only temporary, the next step is to take a stand and move on.”


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