Launchpad: International trio Heartbreak Satellite release enigmatic debut ‘Are U OK’

Heartbreak Satellite are made up of Ragnhild Jamtveit (Pom Poko), Håkon Kjenstad (Tuvaband, Panda Panda), and Tobias Pfeil (Tobi’s World). This new project gave the trio an experimental outlet that allowed them to test out new sounds independent from their own projects. Based in Berlin, Trondheim and Oslo Heartbreak Satellite’s influences are as varied and enigmatic as the resulting sound suggests. ‘Are U OK’ is a frenzied lesson in synth driven alt-pop; with fiercely overdriven drums and bold melodies the trio are showing off their unique sound.

“We were all in a weird place in our lives and got together in Copenhagen, where Tobias lived at the time, with the idea that we were going to make an album. Every day we made at least two songs in Tobias’s tiny studio and recorded them. It was a very intense week, we all lived in Tobias’s bedroom, and the music we made became very different from what we had made before… It’s really fun to listen to the songs now, one year later and be dragged right back to that weird place we were in.” – Heartbreak Satellite


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