Quote Club: UK Songwriter Superheart releases beguiling follow up single ‘After Midnight’


“I have an old univox drum machine that I bought in a guitar shop in LA about 5 years ago, but I couldn’t get it to work for ages without the right power adaptor for the UK..sometime last year I finally got it to work and started playing piano to the first pattern I could get going on it – that’s how this song started. I sang the line, “I told the postman, time for a new plan’  which I thought was interesting. I wrote the verse and built up a track over the next week or so but didn’t have the chorus written for about 6 months.”

“In the original first piano take I did when I was putting down the track I sang the words ‘after midnight’ out loud by accident, and it spilled onto the piano mics really loudly.. but I left it in because I liked the piano part I played, so every time I played back the chorus it had that line in and it just stuck in my head, I tried several different lyrics but in the end I just gave in and wrote a lyric around that phrase cause it seemed like it wanted to be in there.” – Superheart


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