Irish duo Hvmmingbyrd drop their new, self-produced pop single ‘Papillon’


Hvmmingbyrd are an Irish duo who have just dropped their new, self-produced single ‘Papillon’. Having formed in 2016, singer-songwriter/producers Deborah Byrne and Suzette Das were introduced to each other via mutual friends; the result of their creative collaboration is a uniquely energetic brand of electro-pop. Having been featured on Made In Chelsea and in H&M stores internationally, as well as previously supporting the likes of Jagwar Ma and Ryan Vail.

Hvmmingbyrd have a knack for writing vocal harmonies that blend seamlessly, creating a vibrant rich melodic texture. The production on this one is also impressive, holding all your favourite electro-pop hallmarks whilst pushing it a bit outside the norm. Expansive synths, analog instrumentation in flecks and a fizzing beat.

“’Papillon’ explores the ebb and flow from creative euphoria to self-doubt. Creating music can be incredibly joyous and life-giving, but when it consumes you, sometimes you can lose a little bit of yourself” 


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