Launchpad: London alt-pop pair LAIRA describe their sultry debut single ‘Company’


London based alt-pop pair LAIRA have dropped their debut single ‘Company’, and it’s a winner. Big post-R&B beats, a la Nao, meet silky smooth melodies. The open lyrical content draws you right into Chris’ sumptuous production; with 808’s and swirling synths framing Rae’s effortlessly enigmatic vocals.

“Company is our debut single and captures the more feel good side to our music. There have been a few different versions of this song and it all started from a voice note I received from Rae. I wanted that harmonised vocal melody that plays throughout the intro, chorus and outro to be the core of the song as I thought it was super catchy. It was a great starting point for me to experiment with when writing chord sequences and arranging the track. We tried a few different approaches to this track and we’re so happy with how it turned out. This is only our first release so we’re super excited for to get it out! We’ve got lots more to follow so keep an eye out on our socials for the next releases!” – Chris


“Company has been the hardest song to write so far. Sometimes a song completely flows naturally and almost writes itself without much overthought. Company was not one of those songs. There have been many different versions of this track, particularly the chorus being reconstructed over and over but we knew that this was a song worth pursuing and finishing to the best of our ability.” – Rae



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