Intriguing alt-pop pair Juicy release their debut EP ‘Cast A Spell’


“One day we both remember, we were asked to set up an experimental performance. We had to go crazy on the scene: Two girls, two voices, a guitar, a keyboard and a sampler. So we chose to arrange old R&B and hip-hop stuff from the 90’s and early 2000’s with sexual connotations. That’s how juicy was born. Two years later, with this debut EP with our own compositions.”

“We wanted to reverse the situation and put women in a different position. We also wanted to blend more eclectic sounds in our compositions to show our musical background – more Classical and jazzy. We are now working on a bigger project. We are dreaming of further stages in other countries, telling new stories but we want to keep digging on deeper sounds and continue to write about humoristic but militant subjects.”


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