Quote Club: Eliza Shaddad returns with new single ‘White Lines’, an ode to open roads and freedom

Eliza Shaddad is a borderless alt-pop prodigy, her Sudanese and Scottish heritage is filled with a long line of progressive artists and poets dating back to the 1800s. Shaddad is fluent in four languages a holder of a masters degree in philosophy; all of which combines to create a swirling orchestra of influences and sounds. With a clear ear for crafted pop melodies, Shaddad pairs anthemic alt-rock soundscapes and contemporary arrangements effortlessly.

“White Lines is an ode to the open road.  It’s about space and freedom and the joy of leaving everything you know behind.  I wrote it in a time of extreme solitude and in the studio we tried to keep a sense of intimacy at the start of the track, slowly growing to a voluptuous celebration of knowing exactly what you want and doing exactly that. It’s the first song on the forthcoming album. And playing it live feels like soaring.” – Eliza Shaddad


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