Quote Club: French beatsmith ALM releases collaborative EP ‘Beauty for Freedom’

“I am a sound engineer, beatmaker and artist producer from France. I started making rap music at 11 but I really invested myself in the music industry at 20. In 2008, I released my first EP and album that I fully produced. Thanks to that, I discovered the mixing and mastering processes. I did an internship in a recording studio and I realized I had a passion for the mastering. In 2010, I decided to stop the rap to focus on sound engineering and producing. I launched my first recording studio in 2012 in Avignon and over time, I specialized in mastering. I opened my first dedicated mastering studio in 2014 in Tours and a new one in 2016 in Montpellier where I’m currently based.” – ALM


“Beauty for Freedom is a chill rap EP with five international singers. I produced all the beats, mixed and mastered all the songs. Each song has its own proper history and vibe. The challenge for this project was to create a perfect sounding harmony with five different artists from pop to modern soul, abstract and rap music. The thread between the songs is the beauty. In art, we are all looking for beauty or energy to escape from the material world and our everyday life. This EP is just a piece of beauty to release our mind and travel in another world. As a producer, I really paid attention to get perfect melodies and harmony. My objective was definitely to get a warm sounding and smooth album.” ALM


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