LA-based electronic trio Overjoy deliver a refreshingly unique sound with new single ‘Same’


Overjoy is an LA-based electronic trio who deliver a refreshingly unique sound. A spacious, sun-drenched atmosphere is punctured by fizzing percussion – all of which lays a bed for smooth, soaring melodies. The group says that they wanted to make “a track that delivers for the dance-floor while bringing a message we can all relate to”. They certainly deliver on that promise with their new single ‘Same’. 

“We evolved a lot from Another EP, with “Same” we feel we’ve all gotten just a little bit better at our craft, we are more comfortable and confident. We also learned to compete less and let to let our partners shine when it’s their turn too.. this isn’t always an easy thing to do in bands but we are working at it.. The truth is for us to win nobody else has to lose.. we want to see more artists just going for it and not let society hinder their creativity any longer.. more art and more love in the world is what we all need… we support all artist to keep doing their thing and know u can always get better”Metty


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