Quote Club: Los Angeles based producer and songwriter Equanimous releases expansive new single ‘Spirit’

“Spirit took me over two years to make and it was an interesting process how we got from start to finish. It started with recording the beautiful operatic vocals we hear during the intro and bridge from a talented vocalist named Lovelle. That’s also where the “dna” sample comes from that you hear in the background. I had been wanting to work with Kat for a while so I took the initial beat to Kat and she laid down those beautiful vocals. I felt like all that was missing was a catchy chorus line so Kalibri came into the studio and recorded her soft vocals singing “Let your spirit take you”. This really filled out the track and I was able to weave in all the vocals together at the end that create an almost cinematic final chorus. The track is blissful, bassy, and has a catchy melody all at the same time.” – Equanimous


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