Quote Club: Aaron Taos explains the concept behind the new video for ‘Venom’

“The video was directed by the Tanaka Bros (who also did my videos, ILLThese Days, and Hands).  When I’ve worked with them in the past, I let them take the reigns conceptually. However, on this go around I already the idea completely in my head, so I sat them down to pitch it. I was nervous they weren’t going to like it, but they ended up loving it and ran with it.” – Aaron Taos

“We shot the video over a couple days on July 4th weekend in the Long Island Sound.  On screen, “Venom“, played by my girlfriend Kaety, has taken me as hostage and is in the process of dropping me off to sleep with the fishes.  We really wanted to play her character up with the costume, setting, and being surrounded by ski-masked goons. She had never acted before on screen but she killed it! I’m really proud of her.  Although the shoot was fun, I spent two days tied up getting kicked around on a boat in the hot sun, so I’m glad its over.” – Aaron Taos


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