On The Record: We chat to Dahlia Sleeps about their new EP ‘Love, Lost’, poetry and lyrical themes

You’ve just released your new EP ‘Love, Lost’. Can you tell us a bit more about the title, and what the overarching lyrical themes are about?

Love, Lost is the title of one of the songs on the EP and it felt like a really fitting phrase for the whole body of work. There are so many ways it can be interpreted, and we felt thematically it fit. The overarching subject really is intimacy, and the many forms it comes in. Physical closeness paired with emotional distance, unresolved feelings, the challenges we face at trying to open up – across all types of relationships.

Could you tell us a bit more about the EP artwork?

We wanted to take that theme of intimacy and create an image of it, ensuring it was apparent in everything that went into ‘Love, Lost’ in a really gentle and quite solemn way. One of the women in the artwork is the subject of one of the songs; it really is an honest portrait.

The ‘Storm’ video is really engaging and beautifully shot. Can you explain the concept behind it?

We wanted to illustrate the intricacy and fragility of connection. How love or desire can look different, form differently in each of us. The video follows four different couples, showing how each of them relate to intimacy with very small movements, facial expressions and placement. These are such universal emotions but they play out so differently in all of us.

Is there any music or literature which influenced the band particularly during the ‘Love, Lost’ recording + writing process?

I read a lot of poetry while we were writing this EP. I wanted to make sure I was being brutally honest with myself and that anything I wrote had place and purpose. Reading the works of writers like Yrsa Daley-Ward and Nayyirah Waheed was really inspiring. We actually made a playlist of our favourite music from last year, much of which inspired ‘Love, Lost’ which you can listen to here – Thom Yorke, Jon Hopkins, Maggie Rogers, Florence + The Machine all feature.

How do you feel like Dahlia Sleeps has progressed since your ‘After It All’ EP release?

‘Love, Lost’ formed from a really honest place. We had nothing to hide. We made what we wanted to make without over labouring and without taking on too many opinions. So overall it just feels much more human. Luke has also started using a lot more organic sounds in his production – the root of ‘Settle Down’ is a 100 years old harmonium, the interlude tracks are built on an old out of tune piano and we have live drums too.

What can we expect from you in the next 12 months?

We’re back in the studio writing more music as we speak so definitely! And we’re really hoping to get on the road soon too.


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