10 years of ‘Hospice’: The Antlers announce a 10th anniversary reissue and tour of globally-adored album ‘Hospice’

The Antlers (under Transgressive Records) have been quiet since the release of their most recent studio album ‘Familiars’.  Fans are happy to hear that they will be set to celebrate 10 years of their arguably most loved album ‘Hospice’, released 2009, with a double LP reissue and tour this spring.  The tour also features four UK dates.

Hospice was released in 2009 and stands as an outstanding and beautiful piece of conceptual artistry that is in a league of its own.  Untouched by time, Hospice has touched the hearts of many through the honesty and brutality of its lyrics.  Hospice is an all encapsulating story that reveals itself to the listener only in part upon the first listen; 10 years later and we are still discovering more each time we put the record on.

The band have stated that they will be performing Hospice in its entirety on this tour.

“We’re reissuing the Hospice LP on March 8th, 2019, in honor of its tenth anniversary. It will be newly pressed on double white vinyl, with deluxe artwork and packaging courtesy of the album’s original artist, Zan Goodman”

“We’ll be playing a limited number of acoustic shows to celebrate, too. But it will be a bit different this time as the core band now consists of Peter Silberman and drummer Michael Lerner — longtime multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer Darby Cicci is no longer with the band.” – The Antlers


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