Emerging Indie songwriter Navina impresses on contemplative new single ‘Circles’

Emerging Indie songwriter Navina impresses on contemplative new single ‘Circles’. The talented British upstart is beginning to carve out a path for herself through a self-reflective indie sound. ‘Circles’ is Navina’s new single and sees her pivot towards a rich acoustic sound with vibrant melodies and brooding vocals.

“I produced this song (as always) myself in my bedroom, it was at a time of having graduated last year from uni and having a feeling of starting all over again from scratch. Circles is about how sometimes starting back where you finished isn’t always a bad thing, going to back to square one enables us to build a foundation and rediscover our roots and what started it all. It’s also about how life is oddly circular at times, and how whilst we are on this journey, it’s important to choose the things we can which will in the long term give us most peace. I wanted to convey a sense of reflective journeying in the production, reflecting most of the times when I think, write and dream which is often on a bus/train. Starting again isn’t a bad, it enables us to rediscover what started it all in the beginning.”


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