Quote Club: ‘Hit Your Heart’ is the latest single from Dagny x Steve Aoki

‘Hit Your Heart’ is a high-energy, explosive track from Dagny x Steve Aoki.  Blurring the lines between pop, electronic, and dance, ‘Hit Your Heart’ is a perfectly executed piece of dynamic artistry.

“After watching ‘Hit You Heart’ become a fan’s favorite in our live set, I sent a demo of it to Steve and he immediately wanted to be involve in the production. I wanted it to feel strong and powerful and capture that energy that came upon both us and our audience whilst playing it live – and that’s exactly what Steve added. I’ve been so excited to release this track and I hope it hits people’s heart-pun intended.” – Dagny

“This collaboration came naturally I think to both of us. Her voice is so luscious and adaptable that I felt like I had a lot of musical freedom to produce something that would suit her vocals. She could fit into any genre, and that’s something I really admire about her.” – Steve Aoki


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